Be Still My Little One

I never would have thought moving to California that my life would be a bit more simple. It might be the fact that we are new, or it might be that we are in a middle of a pandemic and my kids don't have all the activities, or school to be shuffled around to each day. I'm trying to take in the nature of this beautiful place we get to call home right now. When my girls were little I fell in love with photography. I would bring my camera along in all the places we went. Then as technology and cell phones got better I stopped bring my camera around. I found myself never taking really good pictures of my own kids, but of everyone else's families. I have decided to roll back the time and I'm breaking my camera out to photograph my kids like I once did when they were little. I want to remember this time when T didn't have any front teeth. I want to remember when she loved to put on some of my lipgloss and a bit of mascara. I want to remember when she loved to pick out her clothes and all the accessories to go along with it.